Warsaw 2021

Performing the future

Institutions and politics of memory

17-20 May 2021
Theatre Institute Warsaw, in collaboration with the Institute of Polish Culture of Warsaw University.



33rd SIBMAS Conference – Warsaw 17-20 of May 2021

The Executive Committee of SIBMAS and the Organisational Committee are looking forward to welcome you in Warsaw for our 2021 SIBMAS Conference which will take place from 17 – 20 of May.

Performing the future. Institutions and politics of memory.

The 33th SIBMAS Conference will focus on the following issues:

  • Facts, emotions, narratives – ideas and practices of a narrative museum.
  • Museums, archives and libraries as an interactive space – how to develop a relationship with visitors, practitioners of performing arts, and collectively contribute to an open society.
  • Marketing and collection – developing exhibitions and an image for a library or collection.
  • Theatre heritage institutions and the politics of memory – what narratives do we need and for what purpose?
  • Canonical and alternative approaches to the archives and library collections on performing arts.
  • Body and archive – documenting of “unpreservable” by museums, archives, libraries or artists themselves.
  • Performing the past/reviving the narrative – collaboration between archives, museums, libraries on the one hand and artists on the other.
  • The impact of policies, politics, and conventions on theatre and performing arts practices as well as its preservation.
  • Ecology in the library, archive and museum – practicing care for the Earth; how do perform jobs and help save the planet.