Exhibition: His Freedom, our Freedom

Václav Havel and the Viennese Burgtheater

Václav Havel was a playwright and dissident, critical of the Czechoslovakian communist regime. In his oeuvre he discussed the civil society’s responsibility and claimed their participation in democratic processes. His plays were under performance ban for many years and he was repeatedly sentenced to prison, before becoming President of Czechoslovakia. The performance history of his plays is closely connected with Vienna and the Burgtheater, where many of his plays were premiered.
The Theatermuseum Wien showcases an exhibition documenting the staging of Havel’s plays in Vienna during his imprisonment and illustrates the historic context. The exhibition concentrates on two story lines: the Viennese line invites visitors to the theatre hall at the Akademietheater. Here the show recalls the theatre style, the atmosphere and the response to the performances of Havel’s plays at that time. The second line gives an impression of the hardships and the joys of the author during his time of limited freedom.

Until 17 April 2017
Theater Museum Wien (Vienna, AT)

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