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Dear SIBMAS members and subscribers,
It has come to our attention that the position of Managing Director of the Theatre Institute, Warsaw, has become uncertain. As the next host venue of the SIBMAS conference, being held in 2020, it is important SIBMAS members have support from around the world in such instances. There is a call for members to sign a letter of support and all information can be found in the following letter:

Barry Houlihan
Président SIBMAS | President SIBMAS
Société Internationale des Bibliothèques et des Musées des Arts du Spectacle 
International Association of Libraries and Museums of the Performing Arts 


“On the future of the Theatre Institute in Warsaw”

In connection with the competition for the position of the managing director of the Theatre Institute in Warsaw, which the Minister of Culture and National Heritage has announced, we would like to express our full support for the current director, Dorota Buchwald, and the shape of the institution she is leading. The Theatre Institute is an open, friendly and varied institution, serving all theatre people. It is an extremely important place for Polish theatre, where its memory is cared for by developing the most complex and modern system of documenting theatre life in Europe. However, at the same time, crucial questions about the future of this art in its aesthetical, social and institutional shape are being raised. For many years, the Theatre Institute has been the centre of debate about Polish theatre, and the centre of its intellectual life. This is the place where a renewed idea of theatre pedagogy developed, where the largest theatre website, as well as the innovative electronic Encyclopaedia of Polish Theatre were set up, and where many fundamental research projects and publications have been initiated.

The list of achievements of the Theatre Institute is long, including scientific and artistic initiatives, as well as those of the popularisation of theatre and programmes whose role is to promote theatre and make it more accessible all over the country. The dialogue about theatre and issues connected with theatre, which have been developed at the Theatre Institute, is open to various circles, voices and views. The credit for this openness, as well as an exceptional combination of professionalism and friendly closeness, must undoubtedly be given to Dorota Buchwald. Being one of the initiators and a co-creator of the Institute, she had an enormous influence on its shape and has proved on many occasions that she is able to unify various circles, attitudes and views. Both in terms of her knowledge of the subject and personal traits, Dorota Buchwald personalises the idea of the Institute as an open place that forms a platform of collaboration of theatre circles as the whole.

Talking about the future of the Theatre Institute, it must be remembered that, unlike other central, professional institutions of this kind, it was set up not only at the initiative of theatre people themselves, through their endeavours and determination, but also in response to their needs. At the same time, many actions were initiated by the team of the Theatre institute, resulting from their drive and passion. The demand of theatre people and culture people – everyone who has signed the letter – is to preserve the autonomy and uniqueness of this exceptional institution. Dorota Buchwald guarantees that this demand will be satisfied. This is why we fully support her endeavours to be able to continue work for Polish theatre as head of the Theatre Institute.

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Newsflash: Theatre Institute, Warsaw

  Dear SIBMAS members and subscribers, It has come to our attention that the position of Managing Director of the […]