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International Federation for Theatre Research (FIRT/IFTR)

The International Federation for Theatre Research exists to facilitate communication and exchange between scholars of theatre and performance research throughout the world through its conference events and publishing activities.

Theatre Library Association (TLA)

Theatre Library Association supports librarians and archivists affiliated with theatre, dance, performance studies, popular entertainment, motion picture and broadcasting collections. TLA promotes professional best practices in acquisition, organization, access and preservation of performing arts resources in libraries, archives, museums, private collections, and the digital environment. By producing publications, conferences, panels, and public events, TLA fosters creative and ethical use of performing arts materials to enhance research, live performance, and scholarly communication.

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

International Council of Museums (ICOM)

The International Council of Museums works for society and its development. It is committed to ensuring the conservation, and protection of cultural goods.

International Theatre Institute (ITI)

The aim of the founders of ITI was to build an organization that was aligned with UNESCO’s goals on culture, education and the arts, and which would focus its endeavours on improving the status of all members of the performing arts professions. They envisaged an organization that created platforms for international exchange and for engagement in the education of the performing arts, for beginners and professionals alike, as well as using the performing arts for mutual understanding and peace. ITI has now developed into the world’s largest organization for the performing arts, with more than 90 Centres spread across every continent.

American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR)

The American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR) is a U.S.-based professional organization that fosters scholarship on worldwide theatre and performance, both historical and contemporary.

Perspectiv, the Association of historic theatres in Europe

The historic theatres in Europe form an outstanding part of the mutual European cultural heritage. Whether you can explore them as museums or enjoy special performances, whether they are open to the public or private property: here the history of Europe comes to life in its most enchanting form.

Fédération Mondiale du Cirque

The Federation brings together professional circus organisations from around the world for the promotion and preservation of Circus arts and culture. The Federation uses the capitalized form of the word “Circus” to emphasize its commitment to inclusiveness and the importance and universality of Circus arts regardless of the varied ways in which they are presented. The Federation welcomes, celebrates, endorses and supports Circus in its various formats, including classical, contemporary, theatrical, nouveau, fusion, street performance, youth and social circus.