Théâtrothèque Gaston Baty

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University Library dedicated to Performing Arts

The Théâtrothèque Gaston Baty, founded in 1959 by Pr. Jacques Scherer, at the same time as the Institut d’Etudes Théâtrales at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, is the only French university library dedicated to performing arts. It is intended to collect the documentation relating to the performing arts and to build, thanks to heritage funds, a part of the memory of the live performance.
Its access is open to all: students, teachers and researchers, professionals and amateurs. The Théâtrothèque Gaston Baty counts in 2018 more than 100,000 documents. It has remarkable funds on the French dramatic repertoire of the eighteenth and nineteenth century and the circus, as well as archives of theater men, institutions and academics. The Théâtrothèque is closely linked to the world of research and regularly organizes cultural and scientific events: conferences, meetings with professionals, conferences and exhibitions.


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