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The Renaud-Barrault Library

The Renaud-Barrault Library, which opened in 1996, is located beneath the domed roof of the theatre and currently holds all the Odéon archives from 1983 on (programmes, photos, press files, audio and video recordings), plus documentary records and collections comprised of 8000 books, magazines and programmes related to the theatre.

The Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe Library is built around the personal collection of Jean-Louis Barrault and Madeleine Renaud, with some 4000 books, which was acquired on June 27, 1995. But while of symbolic importance, it is a working library of great heritage importance, containing many personally dedicated books, and of great practical importance.

Odéon archives contain :
press reviews and articles
programmes for the performances
photos of performances
press files
production records
video recordings (archive recordings of performances, interviews etc.)
audio recordings (readings, conferences, symposia, debates etc.).


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