Exhibition: Spettacolo Barocco!

April 19, 2016

No other art form than theatre was more suitable to translate the spectacular show effects of the Baroque era. The sovereigns of the 17th and 18th centuries knew how to stage themselves through theatrical processions, grand opera performances and opulent horse ballets. Innovative artists created the designs, unparalleled until today. The Theatermuseum in Vienna (AT) holds numerous works of those illusionist masters and presents some of them for the first time: the artworks range from quick sketches to stupendously worked out colourful presentation folios; in addition exceptional loans – among them original costumes and stage wings from the Baroque theatre of the castle of Česky Krumlov.

Spettacolo Barocco! Theatre’s Triumph
3 March 2016 – 16 January 2017
Theatermuseum, Vienna (AT)

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