Conference: 10th International Mikhoels Readings

February 27, 2017

National Theatre in the Context of a Multinational Culture

The Russian State Art Library is honoured to invite participation in the 10th International Mikhoels Readings. Become involved in a conference that, on one hand, addresses issues relating to the history of art and drama, cultural studies, and other humanities, and, on the other, is devoted to source study resources, collections, and archives.

Papers and reports covering the following themes will be considered:

National Theatre in Archive, Library, and Museum Collections
National Theatre Phenomenon in Global Culture
Jewish Theatre in Russia and Other Countries
History of Jewish Theatre
Archives and Collections Devoted to the History of National Theatre
Assembly, Conservation, Accessibility, and Research of Collections
National Theatre Issues of Bibliography and Information Resources
National Theatre Source Studies and Theatre Book Memorials
Historiography of National Theatre and Studios
National Theatre and Drama in World Repertory (Translations, Road Tours, International Festivals, Theatrical Exhibitions)
National Theatre Set Design and Artists
National Theatre in a Foreign-Language Environment.

Applications will be accepted until 1 November 2017. As a result of the conference, a collection of articles will be published.

27-28 November 2017
Russian State Art Library (Moscow, RU)

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