The Dramaturgies of Collecting: Conserving, Restaging, and Interpreting the Performing Arts

Call for Proposals

We invite researchers and practitioners to submit proposals that delve into the intricate and dynamic processes of collecting, conserving, restaging, reimagining, and interpreting the performing arts in the context of libraries, archives, and museums of performing arts as well as from artists, curators, and performing arts companies.

Highlights of Discussion

The theme of the conference, “Dramaturgies of Collecting”, will serve as an agenda for our discussions of the following:

  • Performing Arts Collections: Exploring the challenges and opportunities of building and expanding performing arts collections, including acquisitions, provenance research, and collaboration with donors.
  • Conserving the Performing Arts: Examining conservation practices specific to performing arts materials, including costumes, props, set designs, sound recordings, and audiovisual archives and reviewing the challenges of representing interactive and online performances.
  • Interpreting through Exhibition: Showcasing innovative and immersive exhibition techniques that highlight the dramaturgical aspects of performing arts collections.
  • Restaging Performances: Analysing the methodologies and considerations involved in restaging historical performances using performing arts resources and documentation.
  • Digitisation and Accessibility: Discussing digitisation projects and emerging technologies that increase the accessibility of performing arts collections to a wider audience.
  • Oral Histories of Performance: Exploring the use of oral history interviews and testimonies in preserving and interpreting performing arts traditions.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships: Sharing inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations between librarians, archivists, curators and performing arts organisations, and community stakeholders in preserving performing arts heritage.
  • Pedagogy and Outreach: Presenting educational programmes and outreach initiatives that utilise collections to enrich performing arts education.
  • Challenges in Curation: Addressing the ethical dilemmas, faced by artists, librarians, archives, and museum professionals in curating performing arts collections.
  • Post-Pandemic Challenges: The impact of the pandemic on the development of libraries, museums, and documentation centres in the performing arts.
  • Policy and Resources: Sharing how policy, cultural resources, economic factors and environmental issues related to the strategies for preserving performing arts heritage.

Important Dates

  • 5 September 2023: Submission Site Launches
  • 1 December 2023 (Postponed to 10 January 2024): Proposal Submission Deadline
  • 15 January 2024 (Postponed to 31 January 2024): Notification of Acceptance
  • 15 February 2024: Early Bird Registration Starts
  • 14 March 2024: Presenter’s Confirmation Deadline
  • 14 May 2024: Full Paper Submission Deadline (For All Presenters)
  • 14 May 2024: Presentation Video Submission Deadline (For Online Presenters Only)
  • 14 May 2024: Early Bird Registration Ends
  • 23-27 June 2024: Conference Date

Membership Requirement

You do not need to be a member of SIBMAS at this time to submit a proposal.
Membership registration will be required later for all delegates attending the 5-day conference either in person or online.

Presentation Format

Presenters are welcome to choose the optimum format(s) for presentation. The Organiser may have to discuss the technical feasibility and detailed arrangements with accepted presenter(s).

Selected conference sessions will be held in a hybrid mode.

Types of Proposal

Panel Proposal

  • The time allowed for each communication is 60 minutes maximum.
  •  Title and summary in English of the panel’s theme should not exceed 300 words, along with individual abstracts for each presenter of 300 words each. The biographies of all panel participants must also be included.

Paper Proposal

  • The time allowed for each communication is 20 minutes maximum.
  • Title and abstract in English should not exceed 400 words or one A4 page, and must be accompanied by a brief biography of the author(s).

Poster Session Proposal

  • Poster Sessions will be held at the foyer of the conference centre at designated time slots in the conference programme.
  • Title and abstract in English should not exceed 300 words or one A4 page, and must be accompanied by a brief biography of the author(s).

Notes for Submission

  • All proposals must be submitted in English via the Proposal Submission Form.
  • Presenters who want to submit more than one proposal should fill out a separate Form for each proposal.
  • Each submission will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee of SIBMAS Conference 2024 Hong Kong. The Committee reserve the right to arrange the proposals according to the needs of the programme design.
  • The committee will inform accepted presenters on or before the date specified above. Offers of acceptance may be conditioned. Presenters will be required to confirm the participation and to submit a full paper by the dates specified above.
  • Information of accepted proposals will be published on the Conference website, printed/digital promotional platforms and Conference materials.
  • All accepted abstracts and papers will be published in the form of printed/digital conference proceedings after the event.

We look forward to your valuable contributions that will enrich the discourse on “Dramaturgies of Collecting: Conserving, Restaging, and Interpreting the Performing Arts” and strengthen the vital role of SIBMAS in preserving our performing arts heritage for generations to come. Join us in this collaborative journey to celebrate the performing arts and the institutions that safeguard their legacy!

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