Publication: Freeze! Challenge the Hierarchy: Researcher, Artist, User!

June 21, 2018

31st SIBMAS Conference Proceedings (Copenhagen 2016)

Stop ! The Copenhagen Congress asked us to pause a moment and take a closer look at the work done by libraries, special collections, archives and museums of the performing arts. We asked ourselves, how is our work perceived and accessed by our diverse users – the entertainment professionals, enlightened amateurs, specialized students, artists at work, writers in search of inspiration, university researchers, classrooms full of curiosity and even tourists ? It is with this question in mind that our institutions, charged with preserving the memory of performing arts, will begin to re-think our roles and re-establish our commitments by developing new, cutting-edge practices.

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Edited by Tiffany Nixon

Stage design by Christian Tom-Petersen, 1982, “Ulysses von Ithacia” by Ludvig Holberg, The Royal Theatre, Copenhagen. Exhibited at the Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre in Copenhagen, Photo by Stefan Gräbener

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