Call for papers: Theatre heritages

October 11, 2022

For the magazine In Situ (French Ministry of Culture):

As an ephemeral and sometimes itinerant art form, theatre has taken on many forms and realities over the centuries, leaving many material traces. Architectures and texts from Antiquity onwards, later costumes, sets, props, posters, programmes… These tangible elements are also the expression of the know-how, theories and practices that governed their creation. This vast ensemble constitutes a protean and complex heritage that must be inventoried, defined and questioned in order to try to trace its contours and the paths of its heritage.
In the context of this issue of the journal In Situ, rather than welcoming historical studies, the aim is to take an interest in the processes of heritage development, to determine the difficulties and questions that arise during the collection, processing or valorisation of objects that often cannot be emancipated from their context of production and use.

This call will thus concern movable and immovable, material, sound and immaterial heritage, places, objects, practices, documentations and archives in their materiality, artefacts produced within the framework of the production of shows, their promotion and their reception.

Deadline for submissions: 15 December 2022 (papers for July 2023)

More info (in French):

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