Open Call for Researchers / ASSITEJ / Theatre for Children and Young People (TYA)

February 3, 2023

ASSITEJ International is a not-for-profit network of artists and organisations working in the field of Theatre & Performing Arts for Children & Young People (TYA) across over 75 countries who are dedicated to the belief that every child and young person deserves access to the arts, and especially to live performance, from the earliest possible age.

ASSITEJ is seeking 4 lead researchers to help them collect and disseminate data, information, practices, ideas, and solutions around the themes of: Access to TYA, Dissemination of TYA, Diversity within TYA, and the Value of TYA.

The research is to be advocacy-focused and useful to ASSITEJ members, National Centres, International Networks, TYA practitioners, and the wider TYA community, being published on an open access basis. It is intended to be of reference for practitioners in their day-to-day working lives to, for example, boost advocacy initiatives and funding applications, offer opportunities for learning, and to foster networking and collaboration.

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