Publication: Jazz Dances – a Poetic of Relationship

March 6, 2017

An innovative thinking about the many aspects of jazz dances, between rhythm, interbreeding and hybridity

Jazz dances emerged in the United States and embraced many influences. They became increasingly significant during the XXth century until today. The questioning of intercultural exchanges and interbreeding underlies this book which combines historic and aesthetic approaches. This volume offers a discovery journey through contexts, works and artists – among them Joséphine Baker, Matt Mattox, the Nicholas Brothers, Fred Astaire, Jack Cole and Alvin Ailey.
This publication of the Centre national de la Danse (Dance National Centre) aims to give guidance, perspectives and aesthetic milestones and to correct some preconceived notions about jazz dances. Its purpose is to contribute to a better comprehension of the many aspects of jazz dances and of the relations we constantly develop with our body.

Éliane Seguin
Danses jazz : une poétique de la relation
Collection « Recherches », Centre national de la danse, 2017

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