Warsaw 2022

Performing the future

33rd Conference
7-10 June 2022
Warsaw Theatre Institute.

Ecology will be a special topic of interest during the conference because today there is no issue more important or urgent. We have vowed to organise the 33rd SIBMAS Conference in an Earth-friendly way. There will be no single-use utensils or plastic gadgets; we will offer environmentally-friendly cuisine; and we will do our best to minimise the use of paper.

In the case of an international conference, the biggest hurdle in reducing CO² emissions is, of course, transportation. Some of us have no alternative and must fly to Warsaw. But hopefully there will be those who choose other, more environmentally-friendly means of transportation.

A train? A bike?

photo bicycles Maciek Czerski

If you are one of those ready to take up the Green Mobility mantle in the SIBMAS community, make sure to let us know. We will spread the word about your pledge and share your inspiration.

As a start, we can point you to the Green Mobility Guide

We hope that we can all learn from each other to ensure a better future!