Warsaw 2022

Performing the future

33rd Conference
7-10 June 2022
Warsaw Theatre Institute.

“Performing the archive” session, June 8, at the library, and re-recorded afterwards.

Gustav Mahler at the New York Philharmonic: Pandemic Programming Through Online Collections
Gabryel Smith, Director, Archives & Exhibitions, New York Philharmonic

Representing the Identity of a Theatre Laboratory: From the Archive to the Digital Storytelling.
Simone Dragone


“Redefining roles” session, June 9, re-recorded afterwards.

The territories of archiving work on the company Louis Brouillard (France)
Aliénor Fernandez, doctoral student and archivist-documentalist for the company Louis Brouillard
(you can also read the text of the paper in English, ou en français)


“Censored!” session, June 9, re-recorded afterwards.

Ghosts in Darkness. Archival material around first Danish Hamlet (1813)
A case study about tracing early Royal Danish Theatre.

Annelis Kuhlmann. Associate Professor, PhD, School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University.